Business Process Modeling & Analysis

Course 250 - 3 Days

Business Process Modeling & Analysis is a crucial component of Business Process Improvement (BPI) efforts. It is also a critical but often overlooked activity in new systems development. The new generation of business applications mandates rigorous business process modeling.

In this seminar, you will learn the process modeling and analysis skills necessary to lead your team through a breakthrough business process improvement and transformation. After competing the course attendees will be able to:

  • Assess business process stakeholder needs and expectations
  • Model current processes using state-of-the-art industry standard Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN)
  • Understand the current processes through business process analysis and identify areas for improvements;
  • Learn techniques to Increase efficiency and reduce cost
  • Develop new business process alternatives utilizing the seven process enablers and innovative thinking;
  • Extend your processes to your customers and suppliers over the internet
  • Use process modeling as a starting point for eliciting system requirements - moving from Business Process Models to requirements analysis with Use Cases
  • Mapping Business Activities to Services for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Map Process Models to System Requirements

Process improvement efforts often stall in the implementation stage. During this course, you will learn how to avoid the common pitfalls, improve communication between business and IT and develop a common language. This course will also teach practical ways to tightly integrate the business process modeling and the systems development life-cycle (SDLC), and derive business and systems requirements from your process modeling efforts using industry standard UML and Use Case approaches.

Currently, there are multitudes of methods and hundreds of tools that claim to support process management. In this course, you will learn how to select and evaluate methods and tools that are right for your project and fit your organization's culture.

Learn Business Process Modeling Notation

BPMN is today's de-facto standard for Business Process Modeling. However, the complete BPMN is an overkill for most Business Process Improvement efforts because its complexity defies the need for a simple tool to facilitate easier communication between Business and IT. For that reason, we are presenting a practical subset of BPMN in the workshop. The notation covered facilitates communication, and still retains the richness in expression required to model process details.


  • Provide a framework for understanding business processes
  • Model as-is business process using Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN)
  • Effectively measure and analyze processes
  • Identify areas for business process improvement
  • Design to-be processes using BPMN
  • Map interfaces and extend processes to customers and suppliers
  • Build a business case for the new process solution and gain management buy-in
  • Map process models to business and system requirements with use cases
  • Process management method and tools selection
  • Take home workbook and case studies solutions as reference

Your Take-Away from 3-days of Intensive, Experiential Learning:

This workshop will give you the three essential skills that will help you survive and prosper in today's fast changing work environment:

Business Analysis Business Technology Communication
Understand your customers and identify core processes Learn industry standard Business process Modeling Language (BPMN) Become a better team member by speaking the common language of business and IT
Determine customer satisfaction, bottlenecks, capacity limitations and the costliest parts of your existing processes Understand today's business process technology enablers Formulate a compelling business case to get management support
Become a leader in business problem-solving through innovative thinking Leverage process modeling for uncovering business and system requirements

Who Will Attend

Business and IT Managers, Business and System Analysts, Business Architects, and teams doing BPR, TQM, Continuous Improvement, and/or gathering requirements for new information systems.

Instructional Method

Group discussion, visual presentation, group exercises, individual exercises, and real-world case studies tailored to each topic. The essence of each topic is illustrated by examples in just-in-time fashion. Learning is further reinforced as attendees work on carefully selected case studies and exercises which incorporate the core concepts presented in the workshop. There is a 50% - 50% split between lecture and exercises/discussion. People learn the best by being engaged, so we orient the workshop to engage the participants throughout the learning experience.


There are no particular prerequisites for this workshop, except a desire to understand how to model and improve business processes

Course Content Overview

  • Business process - concepts & principles
  • Process improvement lifecycle
  • Modeling processes with Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN)
  • Quantifying processes - Key Performance Measures
  • Identifying patterns for improvement
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Business process redesign for e-Business - modeling the extended enterprise
  • How to justify investment and measure success
  • Gathering and managing business and system requirements - a Use Case approach
  • Selecting methods and tools

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Upcoming Dates

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Attendee Comments

" This course opened doors to a new way of thinking to better overall improve processes. "
- Y.K., Analyst, Department of Defense

" It helped me understand how to link BPR efforts with our application development efforts. "
- B.S., Senior IT Manager, Sauder Woodworking

" Instructor's knowledge and interest add a lot of value to this course. "
- K.R., Systems Analyst, Hill-Rom

" I was able to get out of my daily grind and think in new and different ways about my systems and processes. "
- H.B., Quality Assurance Manager, Guilford Pharmaceuticals

" Great job at a hard class to teach. "
- R.G., Director, Gartner

" Great Instructor! Very dedicated. "
- Lt. Col. M.C., Deputy Director, MCOTEA, US Marine Corps

" The success of any workshop can be measured by how well the instructor engages the class and generates interest and enthusiasm. [The instructor] did a great job in this area. "
- M.C., Director of Info Systems and Services, Semiconductor Research Corp.